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We can’t do this, without reviewing the story a bit and finding out more about adult cams. Since the man learned to draw and write, the first stories and drawings related to sex appeared, some merely erotic and many others, totally explicit.

This process has been perpetuated over thousands of years. From the first drawings, going to stories and paintings that are more and more accurate, more explicit and closer to reality.

The invention of photography, first, and movies a little later, made the appetite for having some explicit sexual image easier for more and more people.

Little by little, collections of erotic portraits, pinotheques and small erotic-sexual libraries were created.

In the 70’s the whole world began to see thousands of porn movies

In the 70’s the whole world began to see thousands of porn movies, buy endless PLAYBOY magazines. Finally, after a long time, talk more and more freely about sex, sexual preferences. And even about the sexual orientation of each one.

And when nobody believed that something more could be done in this area, like out of nowhere, the INTERNET was invented.

At that time, very, very few were those who saw any future for this new technology. If today it is almost inconceivable not to have access to the internet, back then, it was seen as something rare, a thing of geeks that almost nobody understood.

Here we have to make a short pause to mention something, which in our opinion is the REAL first attempt at a DIRECT form of chat. In the 80s and 90s EROTIC PHONES became very “popular”. These phones worked with special rates (much higher than normal calls) and allowed an erotic-sexual conversation. Sometimes depending on the fantasies of each client.

In the 80s and 90s EROTIC PHONES became very “popular”

The fact that these erotic phones were so successful for so long. Made it clear to everyone that a direct connection between a customer and a model is what is wanted.

Going back to the internet, little by little it became more popular, the number of people with a computer grew. The speed increased and the equipment improved more and more.

In this environment, PORN could not remain on the sidelines. At first it was just a few text CHATS to get to know you blindly. Years passed before I could send the first photos, but everything is on the right track.

In the early 2000s, the technology and speed of the internet was still far from being ready for the arrival of video chat.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the technology and speed of the internet was still quite far from being prepared for the arrival of Adult Cams video-chat. Instead, the computer screens were completely flooded with all kinds of porn ads, porn photos and the first porn videos to download.

They were years full of technological innovations. And we can mention one that now seems very normal and unimportant, THE STREAMING – But at that time, it was a complete innovation at the hands of the (original) creators of YouTube. And one thing that Now it seems so simple. It is the true starting point of a company that today is valued at many billions of dollars.

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The first Adult Cams videochat site in a format similar to the one we know today begin very shyly, after 2002.

Step by step they gained new users and new girls for cam. This whole process towards fame lasted about 5 – 6 more years. So we can really talk about the first known websites for the general public.

The first website that has become truly popular was undoubtedly LiveJasmin, a page that is still quite popular today.

Since we have made a short description so far about people’s desire to watch porn. And we have seen how this desire has culminated with the appearance of the “Modern” video chat, it is time to talk about what really concerns us.

Different types of adult video chat.

There are two main types of video chat. The oldest is the “mainly” private chat, where the models only get naked in the private video chat, against a sum of money that must be paid to access the private area. This type of video chat is less and less popular, since it imposes many limitations to speak with the models or to see any type of nude without paying.
In reality, these video chats are usually considered as more professional or even higher quality. But in our opinion, the quality of the shows offered does not differ at all from the second type of video chat.

To go on to talk about the second type of video chat, we have to talk directly about CHATURBATE.

This type of erotic video chat is “public” although it can also be used as a private chat.
Chaturbate introduced on Adult Cams some really revolutionary innovations. First of them, it was from the beginning. And that is that the video chat can be public, that is to say that anyone can see the cameras without paying anything and even without even having a user account.

“TOKENS” for a value of $ 0.10 per token

Also from the beginning, they did something highly appreciated by users, instead of paying directly with money. The user buys the so-called “TOKENS” for a value of $ 0.10 per token. This has allowed to have a type of virtual currency, with a very low apparent value.

And these “tokens” can be used both to pay for a private video chat, to set up a private Adult Cams show, already started by another user. Most importantly, what is called a “tip” has appeared for the first time.
Tipping is the main way this video chat works. It allows users to send small tips. And among all of them reach a goal, for example 100 tip tokens to remove the bra.

The fact that you can collaborate to reach a goal, makes this video chat very dynamic, entertaining and fun.

As if this was not enough, chaturbate introduced a new “lovense” invention.
Some models did not pay much attention to the tips received, or did not understand the language well, … But with the new vibrators, connected to the tips, instant satisfaction is obtained depending on the value of the tip sent.
Models CANNOT ignore tips any longer. In addition, you can control their orgasms, practically directly.

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